Ysanne Lewis

Ysanne Lewis has worked as a professional astrologer, forecaster and timing consultant for  nearly four decades, both here in the UK and also in the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Africa and Scandinavia.

She is a published author of “The Time Catcher: How To Time Your Actions To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities”  Her aim in her book is to remind us of the beautiful threads and connections between the solar system, nature, and ourselves.  That time is not just clock time but something akin to our inner timekeepers and we can choose to navigate and trust these in simpler  way than we often imagine.

Ysanne uses a  bespoke and tailor fitted approach to businesses and uses the planetary angles and cycles to navigate her clients through change and highlights optimum times for start ups, launches, events  and contract timings.  Her  tried and tested techniques,  guidance and accuracy sees many returning clients in the fields of finance, small businesses, and events and projects management.  She is an entertaining speaker and makes her subject very accessible to people from all walks of life.

She also assists in helping people psychologically remove blocks to progress and to experience their horoscope as a living energy to cooperate with and change the outmoded patterns which get in the way of being a true creator in personal and business life.    An international speaker, and workshop leader she enjoys making a complex subject accessible to  people from all works of life in touch with their timing and and enjoys empowering her audiences to  catch the wave with their timing and life purpose. She can be contacted for consultations, talks and media appearances.

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  • Short Bio:Award Winning Author, Speaker and Coach
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