Professor Chris Imafidon

Professor Chris Imafidon is widely regarded by leading media “as a world renown scholar and has taught at leading universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge”. He is currently a consultant to governments of different nations including British, American, and other European countries. He is the Honorary Chair of the Excellence in Education Programme.

The BBC describes Dr Chris Imafidon as “the father of the brainiest family ever”. In 2007, Dr Imafidon won the ‘Oscars’ award for parenting at Westminster, London. He is a multi-award winning educationist. He has served on the board of governors on schools described by the Times as “Britain’s most successful school”. CNN refers to him as “an intellectual icon” because he has raised more high flyers than anyone else by the widest margin. Last year, by special invitation, he delivered the famous “Every child is a genius” speech at the House of  Lords in London.

In a correspondence with American’s best selling newspaper, USA Today, Harvard educated Professor Maxwell described Dr Imafidon as “the finest educationist ever on planet earth due to his unique formula for easily bringing out the genius in any child”.

Chris as European editor has pioneered the use of internet-based technologies for an online publication which generated approximately one million pounds (£1,000,000.00) in its first year. He is one of the pioneers of the world’s first-ever masters degree in Internet Engineering in London, UK and won a £1m funding (Equipment grant) for an earlier comparative computerised study.

Chris has been quoted in, contributed to, and featured in over 1,500 major media outlets worldwide, including the BBC, CNN, ITV, Fox-News, Time Magazine, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, USA-Today, Newsweek, New York Times, TV5, Times, Guardian, Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Mirror, Sun, Voice, Express, Daily Star, Vancouver Sun,
China Today, NTA TV, Pretoria Times, India Today
 and many more (See On two occasions, Chris received invitations to appear on the Oprah Winfrey TV Show (USA). During a recent live interview on the BBC, he received a huge cry from the audience to become the British Secretary of State for Education. His students have been featured in major media outfits around the world after breaking various world records.

Chris Imafidon is rated as one of the most influential scholars via social media (twitter @chrisimafidon). He has also been aired, recorded, web-casted, U-streamed and transmitted over multiple channels discussing learning, educational informatics, clinical informatics or computer security. He has mentored students who are widely regarded as geniuses after making them record breakers in all major examinations, including records in Mathematics, Computing, Technology and Modern Foreign Languages. Therefore, beating the current Guinness Book of World Records. His more mature students and mentees are captains of industry and academic leaders who regularly address NATO, and IEEE conferences.

Recently, Chris has also received multiple invitations from BBC-TV’s “The One Show”, “The Big Question”, “Outlook” and other prime time News bulletins. He has written or inspired hundreds of journal papers and books and is widely regarded as the most cited author in aspects of scientific research. He has over 300 presentations/publications in Specialist and related journals and has been contributing Editor, a reviewer and regular contributor to various publications. The BBC recently referred to his students as showing “academic excellence [genius] by understanding advanced concepts at phenomenal speed”.

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