Dr Marion Bevington

As the creator of Stage Fright Away and the SpeakEasy Strategy – Marion has helped hundreds of people get rid of the fear, panic and anxiety that stopped them standing up and speaking out!
Do you avoid:
Speaking in public?
Presenting at meetings?
Performing on stage or on camera?
This fear of being in ‘the spotlight’ stop’s you living the life you deserve!
From her own fear of the spotlight Marion I has developed a way to clear this fear completely, she now WANTS to be in the spotlight, in fact, she LOVES being on stage and on video so she can share this gift with you.
It really is possible to get your “Stage Mojo” back! You CAN learn how master your emotional state, learn to become comfortable when speaking, acting, performing and reading in public. You can discover how to build your self-confidence and grow to enjoy presenting, playing your role or your instrument. If you’re a singer, you’ll be pitch perfect, an actor you’ll remember every line, for whatever reason you’re in front of an audience you’ll be able to put all the right emotions into your performance and make the impact you want to make.
As Marion Says…
“I’ve gone from programming computers to de-programming people!”
You can discover how to not just calm your nerves but you can gain real control over them! Performing, playing and even become the best speechmaker in your family!
Learning how to have fun and enjoy speaking and performing in public so the audience remember you for all the right reasons and you can share your message, your stardust with the world.
Using cutting-edge techniques, scientifically proven and combining ancient wisdom, Marion takes you through a process that is simple to do and powerfully effective, you’ll be able to stay composed, grow in confidence, discover courage you didn’t know you had, always have clarity with your message and impactfully get your point across, in a way that really connects with your audience so they effortlessly engage with you, listen maybe learn, and definitely smile – while you shine!

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