Dr Gill Barham

Gill has been working in the well-being and personal development arena since the 1990’s. Her focus since 2012, is on helping high achievers in the corporate or entrepreneurial world to look after their health and well-being so that they can look after their business. She is an international award-winning speaker, wellness entrepreneur, professional networker and is the author of 2 books, The Heart of a Woman and Your Heart Matters. She specialises in addressing the mega health trends of the 21st century and is passionate about supporting others to spread this message worldwide, pledging to help 1 million people a year. Far too often, in our busy world, Gill see’s both physical and mental illness affecting the very people, like you, that she believes to be key to our future happiness and prosperity. Gill will help you to see how by adopting some very simple habits of self-care and taking responsibility for your well-being, you can: Feel and look 10 years younger



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