SpeakEasy (Masterclass)

A fun session that includes the teaching of practical and simple exercises through which you will learn how to gain access to your own inner brilliance, your deepest stardust, the brilliance of the body.

You will learn some easy to do techniques that are a simple and a powerful physical process.

You will be guided through the process so that you will know exactly…

 What to say

 What to do and

 How to do it

so that you can begin to unlock and tap into the wisdom of the body and release the fear held in the mind.

The beginning of this process requires you to demonstrate a part of your presentation under specific conditions and as a result, identify your nervousness and your fear.

Now that we’ve found the fear, we will do the process, accessing the intelligence to transform that fear. When this transformation is complete at the end of the session you will be able to feel your state and notice the difference and everyone in the room will be able to feel the state you are in and they too will notice the difference… transforming nervousness and fear and growing your confidence, your clarity and your charisma/conviction/capability. This will reduce any stresses, relax the body and the mind and reveal so much vitality!