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Join us on Saturday 13th January at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Battersea for a day of filming for the new online  TV Station, Broadcast Your Passion (BYP) from Radio W.O.R.K.S. World.

We will be filming two new Pilots for two chat shows and you can be part of the live audience. Also joining us will be Dr Marion Bevington, who will be giving a masterclass on her coaching systems Stage Fright Away SpeakEasy, a great educational tool for anyone who wants to overcome their anxiety of speaking on stage, camera or radio and grow their confidence whilst doing so.

The Vitality Show with Dr Gill Barham – Filming from 2pm

Join Dr Gill and special guest Sheila Balgobin on the Vitality show. 

Sheila Balgobin (USA) brings more than 20 years’ experience as a bodyworker and energy healer to her stress management consultancy. 
Sheila uses the power of the natural world to help people manage their stress, using her extensive practical experience and natural intuitive ability to help her clients identify stress at whatever level (physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and financial) it may occur. Stress reducing techniques include the use of plant-based treatments and energy healing therapies; Sheila
particularly loves working with clients’ dreams, which can help clients discover and develop their true potential.

More about The Vitality Show – each episode will feature a range of guests with amazing healing stories and include help and advice from traditional, complimentary, holistic and alternate therapists and experts. The Vitality Show is designed to educate and inspire you towards achieving elite health.

The Stardust Show with Dr Marina Nani – Filming from 5pm

Join Dr Marina Nani and special guests, Lucy Brown and Roger Cheetham.

Lucy Brown is Head of Clinical Leadership and Engagement at Bupa UK, Paediatric Nurse and mum of two. Lucy is also a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse, she started her nursing career at Guys and St Thomas’ before moving to The Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Whilst in Brisbane, Lucy became a Paediatric Retrieval Nurse working with the Royal Flying Doctors Service and Queensland Emergency services to pick up critically ill children. Lucy also completed an MSc in Critical Care and won the 2011 Dorothy Clarke award for most outstanding thesis in paediatrics, which gained her a place within the Golden Key Honour Society for Academic Excellence. More recently, she has become a Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholar. In her spare time, she loves running and being outdoors and is set to embark on more off road marathons this year. 

Roger Cheetham is the founder of ‘The L.I.F.E. You Deserve’ programme, an inspiring individual, and an engaging speaker, who is currently writing his first book. Roger was a licensee running pubs in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for 13 years until 9th June 2013 when he became the victim of an unprovoked attack and attempted murder, whilst walking his beloved dog, Jasper. This lead to a 4-month stay in hospital, much of it in isolation, before several more months of convalescence at home in the family living room, as his injuries were so severe they left him unable to climb the stairs. It was during these long, dark, unfulfilled days that Roger reached a very low ebb and subsequent decision as to whether to accept this miserable existence or whether to see this as a restart point for the rest of his life. We know he’s glad that he chose the latter and I’m sure many of those he has already inspired from stage with his story are too. Moving forward Roger is passionate about sharing his story from stages worldwide, to find those he can help and inspire, by working more closely with, whether it be others with disabilities, fellow victims of crime, or those needing to know that choose how bad things get, they can get better. Roger is a frequent speaker at Radio W.O.R.K.S red carpet events, so if you feel you’re someone he could help, or you’d just like to hear more of his story, why not come along?

More about the Stardust Show: The stardust show is a platform which highlights and raises awareness  of inspiring individuals who work tiressly to make a positive impact in the world. Each month we will be bringing new stories to inspire and captive audiences. From breakthrough artists and authors, to entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are changing our world for the better. The Stardust Show is the monthly chat show that brings you the Good News, shinning a light on the greatness of the human spirit. 


SpeakEasy™ Masterclass with Dr Marion Bevington – From 3pm

Do you avoid:
Speaking in public?
Presenting at meetings?
Performing on stage or on camera?
This fear of being in ‘the spotlight’ stop’s you living the life you deserve!
From her own fear of the spotlight Marion has developed a way to clear this fear completely, she now WANTS to be in the spotlight, in fact, she LOVES being on stage and on video so she can share this gift with you.
It really is possible to get your “Stage Mojo” back! You CAN learn how master your emotional state, learn to become comfortable when speaking, acting, performing and reading in public. You can discover how to build your self-confidence and grow to enjoy presenting, playing your role or your instrument. If you’re a singer, you’ll be pitch perfect, an actor you’ll remember every line, for whatever reason you’re in front of an audience you’ll be able to put all the right emotions into your performance and make the impact you want to make.



Dr Marina Nani

  • Radio W.O.R.K.S. World
  • The Stardust Queen, Coach & Celebrity Consultant

Dr Gill Barham

  • www.gillbarham.com
  • Award winning author, speaker Wellness Coach

Darie Nani

  • Radio W.O.R.K.S. World
  • Co Founder & COO at Radio W.O.R.K.S. World Ltd







Tessa Gray Personal Stylist and Image Consultant
What an amazing meeting, very inspiring. Thank you for my new 15 sec answer to” what do you do?
Deborah Mendes Publicist
You and your team are doing something very special and unique. It's joining up the dots and there is nothing like an event which is real and not virtual! I still have a lovely warm feeling from Wednesday. Have to say, it has given me the strength to deal with my job yesterday and today! Soul has been refreshed.
Roger Cheetham Creator of Life You Deserve program
What a find! A coming together of heart centred entrepreneurs all wanting to make a positive difference in the world. So many great people with a big message to get out there are given the platform to do exactly that. With such a media focus on the negatives of day to day life, it is a refreshing change to see an organisation focused on Making The (Good) News!
GS Qureshi Smart Coffee UK
I never felt so good in my life! In such a short time I feel so much energised and full of confidence as there is MTN who have a system in place to take me through all levels reaching the top. It is now a simple matter of time to achieve the dream.
Camelia Bogdan Founder of Practical Money Magnet
For me, Make The News is the place where positive, supportive, nurturing news and people meet!