Unlocking Intelligent Vitality

Article by Dr (Hons) GILL BARHAM Transformational Elite Health Coach,and Author of “The Heart of a Woman – How to look after the heart you give to the world.”


As an ex nurse and now as a transformational wellbeing coach, Gill has discovered the key factors that have the greatest effects on both our physical and emotional health. Achieving increased vitality begins with a focus on two main areas:
1. on looking after our heart, and
2. on what makes every person unique and functional. You may have heard about the gut-brain connection; that your gut is your second brain and that in fact any imbalance is the biggest reason for developing the root cause of all illness. Only 10% of our bodies contain our DNA! (the rest is bacteria, fungi, microflora, etc.) so this means that we have at least a 90% opportunity for determining our current and future health.
So, the happy news is, that being healthy and happy, all starts with making some good decisions and Gill truly believes that there has never been a better time to focus on yourself. Her unique and engaging style means that her talks and workshops are inspiring, practical and motivational. Join us to hear Gill’s extraordinary story from Fat, sick and unhappy to Fabulous in her fifties and discover how she can help you to:
Feel and look 10 years younger
Have more energy and vitality
Stop worrying and start living
Have better relationships with those around you, including yourself!
Reverse common diseases, relating to your heart and your gut (which are all of them, by the way)
Reduce your biological age
Improve your mental and emotional wellbeing
Combat the complications of Diabetes
Manage you weight once and for all, without crazy dieting
Improve your sex life
Overcome overwhelm
Have more confidence
Be happy and joyful
Find inner peace and contentment


Meet Dr. Gill Barham at Make The News – Unlocking intelligent vitality on 13th January 2018.

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