#STARDUST Prosperity

What makes us DIFFERENT?

 Each STARDUST Nominee and each STARDUST Winner discovered the power of giving.

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Giving makes you feel abundant. I am very grateful for your generosity and for joining us for two days to create together a feast for the soul.

Time is the most precious asset and most people find that managing it to your advantage is very challenging. I made you an offer to join MTN Network knowing that in many ways, MTN Associates Network is exactly what I wished somebody else could offer me when I first adventured into empowering others to lead with purpose.

I’ve invested in every program you could imagine, I went around to world to speak on five continents, I’ve met very rich and very poor people. I’ve met thousands and thousands of total strangers, including myself. And, yet, I felt that more needs to be done. 

From one hand we have 5% of the population who are AWARE of their unique talent and create prosperity for themselves, from the other hand we have 95% of the population who don’t know who they are and focus on what they don’t have, in a terrible trance of struggles.

Teaching is the best way of learning. Teaching the art and science of being authentic, is about learning more about your existing abilities and strengths. I am fully aware that un-learning what society conditioned you to believe- think- behave, is a tall order. My own children, like millions of other students, were told that being AVERAGE is a safe route and that is heart-breaking. I don’t want my grandchildren to feel average just because they were told to be so.

Most people are not aware of their genius, and they will not believe genius is congruent part of their DNA. The MTN Associates network is a total branding solution for people who are too busy with their existing projects and life commitments to be seen, to be heard, to be present.

Leading entrepreneurs are kind and giving but they don’t know how to receive. In my own experience that blocks your energy flowing. Being everything for everyone, and desperately looking for few extra hours with your loved ones, being torn between personal life and work commitments is a very distressful lifestyle.

Learning to receive the recognition you deserve, makes you abundant and generous.

We have a formula that WORKS, and is transferable. You become the face of good news, you inspire others to see themselves with a fresh pair of eyes. Being present on stage, being seen in magazines, being heard on your own radio show, you help inspire others to become the good news.

We live in a very cynical world and Inspiration is in short supply. People go to further their education and when they go home, their old reality hits them, nothing changes. I asked people who join us even for few hours, how was their experience and they all said that they feel inspired to be more.  Imagine what is available when billions of people feel free to walk 10 ft. tall.

Imagine what is possible when you elevate each person you meet.

Imagine what could happen when nobody look down on anyone unless they want to lift them up.

While there are thousands of great programs available online, we create the experience of being recognized for your talent, and be seen as the leader of your industry/ community, not only online and social media platforms or Amazon, when you become an author, but at live red carpet awards where great minds get together.

I don’t think I am teaching you something you don’t know, but together with The Stardust Masters, we deliver a system that WORKS.  Learn to think strategically, starting your vision with the end in mind, learn who you are, understand your true worth, and master your strengths through communication, compassion and congruency.  Learn to focus on what really matters, and become the best version of who you could be. Take ownership not only of your time, but your life purpose. Together we identify your existing talents, prioritise your projects, to become the opportunity you seek.

The link bellow is the MTN Associates structure at glance.

Once you decide this could support your purpose, turn your vision into STARDUST Prosperity, we start with a strategic thinking discovery session and create a bespoke programme, to suit your purpose, timeline and life commitments. 

MTN Associates Membership Plans

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